Private Business Accelerator Intensives

san francisco. Sunday, June 9th

New York City. Saturday, June 15th

We only have a few seats left for these intensives.

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It involves accelerated learning, intense engagement, and problem solving on the fly.

The reason we do this is that we conduct very indexed preparation leading up to the event, and then do a deep-dive on speed-to-market strategies and business acceleration systems that we expect you to execute on, to radically accelerate cash-flow and grow your business.

Have the Most Sophisticated Program in the Market that will Scale Your Empire and Leave Others in the Dust 

This is an intensive like no other. NO matter if you’re just starting out in your new business, or a seasoned vet, you will learn to see and think about your business in a way that the market fails to teach well, if at all. If you want massive success, scale and building a dominant brand with your product or service, this intensive is for you. It’s intense, it’s incredibly rich with concepts, strategies, and systems. It’s very sophisticated. You will likely need to extensive notes and re-study them several times to fully grasp the material and learn how to apply it in your business. With that, get ready for massively shifting into a disruptive speed-to-market strategy that will dramatically scale your company in the next 12 months. We’re very excited for you.  

By the end of this intensive, you will: 

  • Problem Solve the Biggest Challenge in Your Business

  • Get Clear on Your Bullseye Selling Value Proposition and Position in the Market

  • How to Have a Compelling Competitive Advantage

  • Gain Massive Confidence in Your Ability to Sell

  • Learn How to Have Highly Effective Sales Calls

  • Massively Increase Your Close Rates with Ultimate Offer Formula

  • Discover 7-Figure Language that Will Have Everyone Running to You with their Wallet

  • How to Protect Yourself from Failing in Your First Year in Business

  • Discover How to Provide Massive Value and Sustain Long Term Clients and Cashflow