Imagine completely exceeding your financial goals this year, paying down debt, growing your income and having access to profits to leverage and scale your enterprise?

Tired of not having real CLARITY, SYSTEMS and ORGANIZATION to completely upscale your business model and dominate the marketplace? You must do what your competition can’t do, won’t do, or wouldn’t think of doing.

Speed consumes the slow and is now the ‘X’ factor that wins. You only see what you know, and it’s time to see what’s been holding you back and unleash your legacy.

We assist CEOs and Entrepreneurs with creating maximum profits to their business model and transforming their sales systems that results in accelerated growth and scale to 7 & 8 Figures.


James teaching cutting-edge systems and strategies at a Private Business Accelerator Intensive


If you are a CEO or Entrepreneur that sells products or services and you'd like the training, support and accountability required to launch or scale up your business, we offer these solutions:

✔ Private Clients Consulting - Work 1:1 with us wherever you are in the world.
✔ Profit Accelerator Group Program
✔ Business Accelerator 1-Day Intensives

See what our private-clients have been saying about our Profit Accelerator program:


You will learn systems, concepts and step-by-step instructions on:

✔ Get a Perfect Message to Market Match

✔ How to Have a Compelling Competitive Advantage

✔ Gain Massive Confidence in Your Ability to Sell You & Your program

✔ Learn How to Have Highly Effective Sales Calls

✔ Massively Increase Your Close Rates

✔ Discover 7-Figure Language that Will Have Everyone Running to You

✔ How to Protect Yourself from Failing in Your First Year in Business

✔ Discover How to Sustain Long Term Clients and Cashflow

✔ and much more!