Testimonials and References


Jonathan summers, President- Iron Therapies

I’ve been in business for a year now and I’ve had a lot of great ideas to build my business, but James helped set those ideas in motion.  He organized who I was and what’s important to me, and ever since then my clients are becoming lifetime clients. Not only that, but he’s helped me set things in motion to partner with other businesses to expand mine. It’s truly extraordinary where you can go in a short amount of time. I honestly wish I would have started this sooner because If I would have started this a year ago, I would have been producing a massive return right now.

amanda kendall, CEO - True Resolve Tax Professionals

In working with James, my knowledge around sales has drastically improved and my comfort level with it has skyrocketed. He offers great insight that I had not thought of previously and takes a subject that I skimmed over in my business in the past and has helped me to bring it to the forefront of the business and implement systems and strategies to track sales in a more manageable way as well as be able to see stats at a quick glance. Where I had prior knowledge, he has elevated it. Where I had systems, he has helped me see the holes and improve those around sales in my business allowing me to close sales immediately after our first couple calls.

character references from 10 year corporate sales leadership career and successful entrepreneurs

jeff j hunter, CEO - Branded media

Every time I talk to James I leave with fresh new ideas that make me money. His experience in sales, and his emphasis "RADICAL INTEGRITY" has changed the way I approach sales. Needless to say, my business has increased drastically, and so have my relationships with my clients.

jenny king, general manager - Banton Media

James represents the pinnacle of excellence in business. He is incredibly knowledgable, thoughtful & intentional in his methodology. What I find most remarkable is how he is able to create massive, tangible, measurable results for his clients. It is rare to find someone who inspires you to consistently go beyond, through his high level training & incredible speaking ability he does this & so much more. If you have not already scheduled your opportunity to meet with James to assess how he can add value to you & your organization; it is an immediate must do! 

Carol Godfrey, President of sales - advantage community pharmacy

From the moment we corresponded, I knew he was the kind of person I needed on my side. Since he was unable to help me, he gave me suggestions and checked in with me periodically, even though he was not working with me. That spoke volumes to me. His passion and drive as well as his ethics and integrity are just a few attributes James exemplifies. I have recommended James to countless referrals, as James gives 150% of himself. I have no reservations recommending James. He is a tremendous asset and anyone who is lucky to know him.